Dealing with Burnout (no, not the game)

I recently quit a job in customer service to work less hours, freeing up some much-needed time for more creative endeavours. In the past, I have been an independent journalist, website editor, editor-in-chief, mentor and more. I have planned and executed magazines for a major video game retailer in Australia, learned valuable media creating and editing skills, taught journalism, content creation and networking to university students – some of whom have flourished in creative fields.

I’m sitting at my desk right now, wondering where to begin with this new-found free time. “Gotta be productive”, I keep telling myself. “Gotta get back out there and start producing content”. Content. It echoes in my mind constantly. At the start of the day and at the end of the day – and I still have nothing to show for it.

The pressure is on – I have recently started writing for the awesome folks over at and really want to deliver engaging content!

Creative block is nothing new to me. There have been times where I have gained early access to media, and still managed to be right on the deadline or late with a review because I simply didn’t know what to say about it. I experienced it, sure, but how would I put my thoughts into words and media?

Chalk it down to depression and burnout, perhaps. I have always experienced depression (I was diagnosed at 13 years old with both it and anxiety) but I feel burnt out from my retail job and quite possibly from my last creative projects – the amount of work I was putting in with Sticky Trigger and CritDMG was staggering. Getting off the ground and running with new content is proving to be a challenge – despite a wealth of ideas constantly coming to me.

My goal has always remained the same: to bring together my love of entertainment and content creation, be involved in an engaged community, and to make money from my content – even if it’s just enough so that I can simply afford to do it without impacting my lifestyle.

It’s fine that I’m struggling at the moment. I will bounce back, but what I will ask of you, dear reader, is this: if you like my content, or what I’m setting out to do: share it with those who will appreciate it. Convince them to give it a go. We all share innumerable pieces of content a day, whether it’s movie trailers, memes, status updates or more. Imagine if we all supported each other’s businesses, creative endeavours and more as much as we all shared that awful Bird Box movie’s trailers and hype.

I have a lot planned for myself and the Nickbait brand (which may or may not evolve or re-brand entirely) and I would love not only for you to support me, but to be directly involved. Let’s do this!

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