“Alterium Shift” Set to Launch on Early Access on Steam, Offers Discount and Showcased at Steam NEXTFEST

Gravity Game Arise Co., Ltd., have announced the upcoming release of “Alterium Shift,” a retro JRPG developed by Drattzy Games LLC from Minnesota, USA. Published under the Gravity Indie Games label, the game will be available on Early Access starting July 6th on the Steam platform.

Since its demo release, “Alterium Shift” has garnered positive feedback from thousands of players who have praised its nostalgic story, graphics, and gameplay elements. With the Early Access launch, the game aims to both satisfy existing fans and captivate new players, offering an immersive experience.

To commemorate the Early Access release, a special 20% discount will be available from July 6th to 13th PDT. Additionally, “Alterium Shift” will be featured in the upcoming Steam NEXTFEST, taking place from June 19th to June 26th. The event showcases promising games on Steam, providing a platform for developers to present their creations to a wider audience.

Players eager to explore the world of “Alterium Shift” can wishlist the game and try out the demo on its official Steam page.

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