GameSir Launches the Impressive G8 Galileo “Ultimate” Mobile Gaming Controller

GameSir, manufacturer of a myriad of gaming peripherals, announced today that the GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller, is out now. Named after famed explorer Galileo Galilei, GameSir also want to explore the unexplored with their latest offering.

The Galileo’s features certainly sound impressive. It sports a full console-sized design, with everything from the size of the analog sticks and buttons allowing as much precision as a traditional console controller. It also features a movable USB-C port and pass-through charging, meaning you can play and charge your device without interruption.

The analog sticks also contain “Anti-friction glide rings”, enhancing control and ensuring the controller has a very long life, and the triggers are able to be toggled into hair-trigger mode, allowing for the choice between precise control and instant action. The G8 Galileo is also compatiable with a wide range of phones, thanks to its extendable bridge. There’s also an Android app that allows for customisation of button mapping and firmware updates. If that’s not enough, the Galileo is also highly-customisable thanks to its magnetic faceplate, with other faceplates available in the near future.

Again, this all sounds very impressive, and on paper, perfect for the mobile gaming enthusiast. The Gamesir G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller is available now for $79.99/£79.99,€89.99 from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Europe and the GameSir Official Website.

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