Review: No Place Like Home – Trashing Expectations in an Environmental Adventure



No Place Like Home, an environmental-themed game, attempts to raise awareness about critical issues such as global warming, waste management, and renewable energy sources. While the game has garnered mostly positive reviews on Steam, I personally found its premise and underlying theme lacking. However, let’s delve into the details to provide a comprehensive review.

In No Place Like Home, players assume the role of Ellen, who visits her grandfather’s farm on Earth before embarking on a journey to Mars. Upon arrival, Ellen discovers that her grandfather has gone missing, and the farm is in a state of disrepair. The game paints a bleak picture of Earth, with trash and pollution littering the landscape, a consequence of humanity’s disregard for environmental concerns. The visual depiction of the grandfather’s farm resembles a sprawling junkyard, reminiscent of the dilapidated areas found in the Fallout series.

Ellen wields a mechanical backpack, which proves useful in various tasks such as vacuuming up debris, blowing away obstacles, and drilling through stone clusters. However, the animations associated with the backpack’s usage leave much to be desired. Regardless of where the nozzle is aimed, trash inexplicably flies towards the center of Ellen’s torso rather than into the backpack’s hose. Furthermore, the transitions between different stages of debris appear abrupt and lacking in fluidity, akin to someone shuffling through static JPEG images.

The Ol’ Missing Grampa/Dilapidated Farm Shtick

Repetitive and Bland

The gameplay of No Place Like Home encompasses elements of exploration, crafting, recycling, combat, and farming. Unfortunately, I found these aspects to be uninspiring, making the game feel like a monotonous chore. Many other games, both contemporary and older titles, have executed similar mechanics in a more engaging manner, further diminishing the appeal of No Place Like Home.

Visually, the game fails to impress, with unappealing aesthetics and occasional frame rate issues. Even with my powerful computer setup boasting a 3070 series graphics card and 64GB of RAM, the game failed to deliver the expected smooth performance.

The soundtrack of No Place Like Home is serviceable but lacks memorable compositions that would leave a lasting impression. It adequately complements the overall experience without standing out.

Final Impressions

In summary, No Place Like Home leaves me feeling disconnected and disinterested. Despite its incorporation of eco-friendly elements across different aspects of the game, it falls short in terms of overall execution. The game’s unattractive visuals, lackluster gameplay, and occasional technical hiccups further contribute to a sense of boredom and disappointment. While there may be a substantial number of Steam review threads praising the game, I personally invite readers to try and convince me otherwise. At present, No Place Like Home remains an enigma—an experience in which vacuuming up trash, traversing vast stretches of dirt, and constructing chicken coops fail to capture my attention or curiosity.

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