Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Ecto Edition should be your go-to multiplayer horror game, here’s why

4th Major DLC is here!

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed recently received its 4th major DLC instalment, adding two new maps, a new ghost type, as well as a slew of quality-of-life improvements and additional cosmetics. Perhaps the biggest edition, is the expanded narrative content which (maybe) wraps up the game’s story.

A Review Recap

In my initial review of the game, I found it to be accessible, engaging, and the addition of the story (which was and still is, quite light) to be a refreshing take on the played-out assymetrical 1v4 horror genre.

Almost a year on from my review, I’ll definitely stand by it. Spirits Unleashed offers players of all ages a competitive Ghostbusters game that anyone can play, regardless of how familiar they are with the film universe or other assymetrical games. You’ll definitely get more out of it if you are a life-long Ghostbusters fan like your’s truly, but it isn’t necessary.

Since its launch, Spirits Unleashed has received 4 DLC instalments, mainly adding new cosmetics, challenges, maps, and ghost types. If you’re a completionist, there’s plenty to keep you busy long after the story has been completed. I recently completed the Slime Explorer mission which unlocked the outfit Ray wore in Ghostbusters II when the Ghostbusters investigated the river of slime.

Ecto Edition’s Expanded Narrative

Warning, while I won’t be discussing the DLC 4 narrative in depth, but I will be writing about certain developments that take place after it, as well as the previous end of the game from its initial launch.

When I originally played Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, the game had a light story mode that kept things interesting between rounds of bustin’ or haunting. It ended with Nameless (a mischevious ghost with no name) being trapped and bound in a jar, thanks to a leather strap from Tobin’s Spirit Guide. Winston was free from its possession, but we still had no clear motive of what Nameless wanted, until the most recent update…

Update #4 gives players a few more cutscenes to unlock, as well as a unique hunt which also introduces Ghost Bounties. Ghost Bounties are the same as regular hunts, but with a number of varying factors to shake up the challenge. Ghosts may start with more Drudges assisting them, your packs may take shorter to overheat, batteries may take longer to recharge, that sort of thing. They’re a good way to level up as well as complete challenges, depending on what you’re working on.

Once Nameless causes quite a ruckus (and that’s putting it very lightly) players are introduced to the big bad, Samhain. Yes, the spirit of Halloween himself who first appeared in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon is a major villain in Spirits Unleashed, and he wants to trap the world in eternal nightfall!

Endless Nightfall

Samhain is one a new Overlord ghost type, who cannot haunt and therefore hide in objects littered throughout the game’s various locations. Instead, he hunts down the Ghostbusters, swiping with his deadly claws and spreading fear everywhere he goes. He definitely provided a challenge for me and has some awesome variants to unlock (glowing green grim reaper, anyone?). I can see him testing the best of Ghostbusters online.

After Samhain is ultimately defeated (I won’t mention it, but it really was a cool experience that differed from the rest of the game) the team reunite at the Firehouse, only to tease some very exciting future content for the game. Apparently, the Spenglers are coming to visit (will the Firehouse have new permanent characters hanging out?) as well as a new summer intern for Ray (rumours online are that this will be Podcast from Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

The basement has also been unlocked, with a Stargate-style gate into the spirit realm being built in it. There’s also some cool easter eggs from the Ghostbusters movies, including the Slime Blower from Ghostbusters II and lie detector from Ghostbusters. You can check out this video from Ghostbusters News below for more details.

Why You Should Be Playing Spirits Unleashed

With quite a few asymmetrical horror games on the market, I’d like to make the case that Spirits Unleashed should be your go-to 1v4 game with the following points:

  • It’s faithful to the Ghostbusters films – References and lore from all Ghostbusters films and cartoons are present, making it a real treat for Ghostbusters fans.
  • It’s all-ages friendly – you won’t have to worry about the little gamers you know being scared or having nightmares. These ghosts are more in-line with Slimer than Gozer the Traveller or something worse.
  • It’s accessible – Gamers of all experience levels can pick up and play Spirits Unleashed. While there may be some more experienced players online, you can set up private lobbies and even play with easier bots while still having fun.
  • It’s affordable – Spirits Unleashed costs $15 USD (it’s usually around $30 AUD, fellow Aussies) making it very cheap compared to similar games. It also goes on sale quite regularly.
  • It has tons of content, given its price – There is a lot here to keep a Ghostbuster busy, from the amount of maps and ghosts, to the staggering customisation options available once you complete challenges and reach higher levels.

Side note: I’m not sure how it could be implemented exactly, but it would be cool to see the emotionally-reactive slime from Ghostbusters II make an appearance in the game – even if it was only on one or two new levels. Maybe a map can take place on New York city streets above the River of Slime, with citizens becoming aggravated at the Ghostbusters. Fail to calm them down in time or neutralize the slime and they may interfere with your hunt. I dunno, something a Ghostbusters fan like myself would appreciate.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Ecto Edition is available now for Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games Store, and finally, Nintendo Switch and Steam!

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