Review: The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood – A Breathtaking and Emotive Journey

Intriguing Beginnings

When The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood was first brought to my attention I was intrigued; pretty games about witches are my oxygen, but I was not prepared for how completely this game would surpass my expectations.

Exploring Witches, Tarot, and Society

Developed by Deconstructeam, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a narrative experience exploring Witches and Tarot. You play as Fortuna, a Fortune Telling Witch who has been exiled for predicting the destruction of her own coven. Design new cards, connect with fellow witches, and navigate your re-emergence into society as it threatens to crumble around you.

This game primarily functions as a piece of interactive fiction and the two main mechanics you’ll use are decision-making and card-building, which often intertwine. Each card you make has a unique meaning and will influence what choices you can select in a given reading. The decisions you make in conversation and how you choose to interpret your cards will dramatically shift the path your story takes. I personally tried for the best ending I could, uniting my coven and striving for widespread happiness, some of the choices I avoided however, were horrifying. I can only imagine how destructive a genocide run could get.

Vibrant Aesthetics

Aesthetically, this game is an absolute joy. The character designs are stunning; each is full of personality and style, while keeping the art throughout the game consistent and grounded. I’m always blown away by the ability of pixel artists to capture such vibrant and emotive worlds in such a restrictive style, and The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood upheld that awe to the highest degree. And it has an incredible score and soundscape to match. As a sound designer myself, audio is always very important to me, and the choices made here are excellent. Music and SFX stood out at the right moments and were a great support in all others; a beautiful accompaniment to the atmosphere of the game.

But above all else, I wish to praise this game’s story and writing. From beginning to end I found its approach to the subject matter touching and embracing and was captivated by each word. To start, the fascinating worldbuilding is revealed naturally through dialogue and through the cards you create and all work harmoniously together to create a distinct and captivating tone. The game’s exploration of ethics and politics was gripping, something I’m very pleased to see they carried through from previous games. My decisions felt impactful, were usually very difficult to make, and often gave me pause to reflect on my own beliefs and thoughts on the world.

Celebrating Diversity

The LGBTQIA+ representation in this game is just delightful, with numerous queer characters given space to flourish. The dialogue and interactions brought such joy to my heart. The game transcends labels while still being actively and identifiably queer, highlighting community and connection rather than compartmentalization. This game exists for love and its passion for the community is abundantly queer.

While the Witches and magic in this story are fantastical, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly inspired for connection with my own spirituality while playing it. Passion for hobbies, for nature, and for life in general are abundant in this game and I often stepped away from my computer feeling a need to work in my garden or reach out to a friend. The love for a rich existence feels so palpable in these characters and reminds me of the importance of striving, for anything.

Bonds of Sisterhood

Lastly, and most importantly, is their portrayal of Sisterhood. Despite the many trials and the unimaginable pain these women face, the connection between them feels not only incredibly heartwarming, but humbly achievable. The love, acceptance, and appreciation shared between these woman, enduring change, conflict, and suffering, beautifully captures the heart-held resonance of being a woman in our current world. This guide underlines both the strength in being a woman and the importance of savoring that strength with the women around you.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood was a truly breathtaking experience; in fact, my eyes are still red and puffy from crying over the ending as I type this. The writing and story are beautifully evocative and captivating. From election campaigns to prophetic makeovers, I felt tied inextricably to the world and its story. While I certainly fit the target demographic, the incredible quality of this game is undeniable. If you like story-driven games, incredible writing, beautiful art, magic, or gay stuff; check this one out. You won’t want to miss it.

Editor’s Note: PiePatch is currently uploading a playthrough of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood to their YouTube channel. You can check it out below!


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