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Xbox ANZ and Fortress Melbourne join forces to find Australia’s most versatile PC gamer

Xbox ANZ and Fortress Melbourne have joined forces to host an exciting new event for Australian PC gamers: the PC Game Pass Gauntlet. The competition will take place in-person at Fortress Melbourne and will put gamers’ skills to the test in a range of mini-challenges featuring surprises from PC Game Pass titles of different genres.

PC Game Pass offers access to hundreds of high-quality PC games, including new games from Xbox Game Studios on day one and an EA Play membership. Members can also now access their favourite games on PC from Riot Games, making the platform a versatile and inclusive option for gamers of all kinds.

During the PC Game Pass Gauntlet, select Australian PC gamers will compete against each other to become the ultimate champion and take home a physical gauntlet trophy. The event will feature surprises and challenges from different genres of PC Game Pass titles, so competitors will need to be versatile and adaptable in their gaming skills.

“Aussies keen to cheer on their local heroes, or throw down the gauntlet and be crowned the ultimate champion themselves” can register for the event. The competition promises to be a thrilling showcase of the best of Australian PC gaming talent.

Whether you’re a seasoned PC gamer or just getting started, PC Game Pass truly is the best gaming subscription service, and now it can bring you gaming glory as well!

You can register for the event here.





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