These Retro Games that could score you some serious cash


Currys has teamed up with video game expert Roy Raftry to create an index of retro video games that are predicted to appreciate in value over time. This index features classic games like Sqoon, Soccer, and Clu Clu Land, some of which have seen their value increase by up to 5000%. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was identified as the most valuable gaming console.

The speculative price of future classics is influenced by factors such as print run, lack of digital availability, and historical relevance. Raftry offers advice on how to recognize valuable games, including considering how long they have been around and sometimes even how bad they are. The index also identifies games with the potential to become future classics, such as Pokemon, Sonic, and God of War games, due to their playability and historical importance.

“Identifying future classics requires a combination of factors,” Raftry explains. “You must consider a game’s historical significance, rarity, and gameplay. Games that weren’t successful at launch but have since gained a devoted following, like Earthbound, can also be excellent investments.”

Currys advises anyone interested in investing in retro video games to purchase some of the games included in their index or conduct their own research to identify future classics. “By identifying valuable games now, you could potentially make a significant return on your investment in the future,” said a Currys spokesperson. For more information, head here:

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